Professional Estimating & Award Winning Design Services


Professional Estimating & Project Services:  Our trained staff of estimators and project planners are here to offer builders, construction companies, contractors, and developers the products needed to be within budget for any type and size project.  We have had great success with projects of all sizes and quantites from 1 unit to more than 1,000 units and are ready to assist you and your company with the best products and the most competitive prices along with on time delivery and support.

Complete Design Services: Our design team has the skills necessary to assist clients with the tedious task of making a typical room layout into a unique and truly rememorable work of art.  We have cabinets and products in all budget ranges and by following the simple steps below, together we can make your kitchen & bath project and enjoyable experience that will be something to be proud of for years to come.

Planning & Measurments

Plan your visit to our design showroom today!  Bring measurements of your room(s) including the location of plumbing, appliances, windows, doors, ceiling height, and any other important information.  These measurements will allow our designers to understand your needs and requirements.  Our design staff will explain our line of products and assist you in making the best selections for all of your kitchen & bath needs.  (Click on the icon to print out a graph paper for your plans)

Design & Consutation

The most important factor for every client when buying a new kitchen or bathroom in the design.  Our designers will assist you in all aspects from planning and design to ordering and delivery of your cabinets, moldings, decorative hardware, countertops, sinks, faucets and more.

We ask the right questions to make your kitchen become a dream come true.  Once we meet with you and get all information needed, we move on to our specialty - Designing your ultimate kitchen & bath!

CAD (Computer Aided Design) Services

Now that we have reviewed and discussed your needs and wants, we will prepare computer designed layouts or CAD of your kitchen & bath project.  We will review these drawings and make any and all necessary changes to accomodate all the options and features you desire.  Accessories, molding and decorative trim, specialty cabinets, decorative hardware, countertop materials, and other items will be designed and drawn into your plans.

Cabinet & Finish Selections

Choosing your cabinetry style & finishes is a refelction of your own style and the design of your home.  Our designers have the knowledge and ability to assist you in making the best decisions based on your budget, level of detail, and accessories your require.  Making the right decisions on finishes will allow our team to give you an estimate within your time frame and budget.


Now that selections have been chosen, we will proceed with estimating your project.  Many of our product lines come in multiple finishes & styles, we have the ability to show you options and assist in cost savings.


Once all details are confirmed and you are ready to place your order, we will provide you with detailed drawings, pricing, and lists of all items being purchased.  We will give you details on the lead times & delivery schedules as your order progresses.  Your designer along with our customer service department will track all items and contact you for delivery dates as soon as your items are ready for shipment.